Main Street Challenge

Envision Williamston Announces Main Street Challenge Winners


(EW Executive Director Sonya Crandall with Chris and Samantha Wagner)

Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall announced the winners of the Main Street Challenge for two new business start-ups during the Williamston Town Council meeting Monday. The winning applicants include an event venue and a sandwich shop and deli, that will both be located in the town of Williamston.
Recipients are Chris and Samantha Wagner who are planning to open an events venue at the Davenport House on West Main Street.


Second winners of the EW Main Street Challenge were  Imad and Rose Alchaieb and Khaled Al Fackl who plan to open a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Sandwich Shop and Deli. The winning applicants will each receive a grant totaling up to $10,000 to start up and operate their businesses.


Envision Williamston/Town of Williamston Main Street Challenge

This program is an entrepreneurial start-up competition for the purpose of generating additional retail occupancy in Williamston. The Main Street Challenge offers an incentive package in excess of $10,000 to each of the winning entrepreneurs.
The Small Business Development Center based at Clemson University is providing hands on assistance to all semi-finalists. Come and let your entrepreneurial spirit grow!
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 CONTACT:  Sonya Crandall, Executive Director at 864-847-7473.
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