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Solar Eclipse Over Williamston was spectacular

The Solar Eclipse Over Williamston was a spectacular event. We were blessed with clear skies and had multiple ways to view the eclipse. We had a great party venue in the baseball fields behind Town Hall. Chris Wagner was a phenomenal DJ and emcee. Tony Amato from Palmetto High guided us through the various phenomena and brought a 6 foot telescope with a special lens. Long lines formed to view the once in a lifetime images. We also had our beautiful Mineral Spring Park for the naturalists who wanted to experience the Eclipse in a quiet, serene setting. People joined us from 17 states and the Washington DC area, stretching from Connecticut to Florida and west to California. Visitors also came from Australia, Belize, Colombia, England, and Holland. In sum, the Total Solar Eclipse literally put the Town of Williamston on the map! Throughout the town, an estimated 1,500 people from across the world convened in our beautiful small town. Away from the big city, folks came and enjoyed an afternoon of wonder, delight for the senses, and a taste of how infinitely full of surprises our universe can be.

Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall

“I want to thank our co-sponsors: The Town of Williamston and the Palmetto Business Association. I also wish to recognize our prize sponsors of Ace Hardware, B&R Restaurant, and The Mill Town Players,” Crandall said. “I also want to thank our Mayor Mack Durham, Mayor Pro Tem Hagood, and Councilman Burgess. A huge shout out to the Envision Williamston Board, Community Engagement and Marketing Committee, and Town Employees. Well done by All! And a big Thank You to all of our attendees, our local residents and the hospitality extended to your neighbors and visitors from afar. To our out of town guests, we invite you to come back to visit us again and be a part of our growing array of fun, recreational, and cultural activities.
The Envision Williamston Team