Decal Project

The Decal Project is designed to inspire new business development. Through these decals, Envision Williamston also seeks to encourage the creative use of existing unoccupied building spaces located along Williamston’s historic downtown corridor.

Examples of the new business inspiring decals are featured in the Photo Gallery below:

537 W Main St

537 W Main Street


2 N Hamilton Street

102:104 W Main St

102 and 104 W Main Street

555 W Main St

555 W Main Street

539 W Main St

539 W Main Street

535 W Main St

535 W Main Street

209 W Main St

209 W Main Street

105_106 E Main St

105 and 106 E Main Street

100a W Main St

100a W Main Street

100 W Main St

100 W Main Street

10 Greenville Dr

10 Greenville Drive

607 Greenville Dr

607 Greenville Drive