Gateway and Beautification of Historic Downtown Williamston

The Envision Williamston Gateway and beautification project throughout downtown Williamston has been completed.
Kyle Blackston and his team at Carolina’s Best Landscaping put the final touches on six Envision Williamston gateway and Greenway projects.
The Gateway projects include three new rock “Welcome to Historic Downtown Williamston” signs located on Anderson Drive near the intersection with West Main, East Main across from the new Dollar Tree store and North Hamilton at the town limit.

Work on the projects included adding plants, irrigation, paint, lettering and lighting. The gateway signs were decorated with red ribbons for the holiday season.
The beautification project also includes three landscaped Greenways.
The projects are a part of the Williamston Downtown Acceleration Program (WDAP) which has been underway for several months.

The Gateway and Greenway Beautification project is designed to foster economic development and visitor attraction.
The main features of the project include three (3) new rock signs located on Anderson Drive; at the curve of Greenville Drive (State Hwy. 20) and Main Street; and at the corner of Minor Street and Palmetto Road. There will be three (3) greenways to complement the new gateway signage. These greenways include landscaped spaces at the two wayfinding signs along Main Street and Greenville Drive, as well as near the Greenville Drive/Main Street gateway sign.

Gateway and Beautification of Historic Corridor

Purpose: The Gateway and Beautification of Historic Corridor project is designed to foster economic development and visitor attraction. The main features of the project include

Eligibility: Greenville Drive/Main Street to Academy and Main Street (convergence of Anderson and Belton Drives)

Eligible Expenses:
Phase 1: Banners, street signs, planters, murals and greenery
Phase 2: Gateways, planters, lighting, paint, crosswalks

Oversight: Economic Vitality and Place Making Committee

Outcome: An attractive Downtown District with beautiful gateway entries to the historic portion of the town that indicates vitality and community pride of place.

 CURRENT STATUS: Final Stages of Completion – 2019

CONTACT: Envision Williamston Executive Director at 864-847-7473.

 The Envision Williamston program plans two gateway entrances to the town:

The East Main design features a Williamston signage/wall feature, lighting and accent landscaping:

Proposed East Main Gateway Design

The West Main/Anderson Drive design features a small plaza which incorporates art and focal feature:

Proposed Anderson Drive/West Main Gateway Design