Historic Downtown

Historic Williamston Walking Tour
The Historic Williamston Walking Tour features four loops and 20 points of interest in the downtown area of Williamston.  Included are a Historic Loop, Mineral Spring Loop, Downtown Loop and Outlayers.
Each loop has five historic or interesting places to visit and all of the loops start at the spring located in Historic Mineral Spring Park, one of the oldest public parks in the country!
The Historic Loop includes the Mineral Spring, The Artory, Williamston Cemetery, Williamston Mill and Gossett School.
The Mineral Spring Loop includes the old train depot, the Veterans Park, Gist Rifle memorial marker, West Allen Williams memorial gravesite and a marker commemorating the last recorded skirmish of the Civil War, east of the Mississippi.
The Downtown Loop includes the Davenport House, Municipal Center (former site of Williamston Female College), Yesterday’s Ride, The Oaks and Grace Methodist Church prayer garden.
Outlayers may not be walkable for most, but includes Bethel United Methodist Church, the Pink House, New Prospect Baptist Church, Caroline Community Center and the Veterans Memorial.
The walking tour project idea was developed by Jack Ellenburg and produced by The Envision Williamston Community Engagement and Marketing Committee and special assistance from The Journal.
Envision Williamston is also coordinating a number of town beautification and improvement projects including the Adopt-A-Rest-Stop project in the Downtown Historic Corridor of the Town of Williamston. The project includes 12 Rest Stop locations that will complement other EW projects including the electronic message board and street banners, creating a vibrant and fresh look to the downtown area.
Envision Williamston and the Town of Williamston are working together to encourage greater visitor/pedestrian foot traffic, serving as a catalyst to generate spillover effects from community events held in Mineral Spring Park, and help create an inviting environment for new business development.